Welcome to the All ‘Beings’ Are Equal website. This website is devoted to the promotion of the creation of a New Civilization on Earth based on the principles of All ‘Beings’ Are of Equal Value and the Pursuit of Excellence in Service to Self and in Service to All Others’. This post-2012 Blueprint for the New Societies of the New Civilization of the New Energy Age is grounded in the spiritual philosophy that, as a human being birthed by God, the Divine All That Is and given eternal life as a Divine Aspect of the Divine All That Is, you are God also and co-creator of life, the Earth, the Universe and Creation. As God also, you create your own reality and the experiences that you have in life and life is a journey of awakening to all the divine wisdom and gifts within you. Therefore the purpose of your journey through life is the achievement of enlightenment – the conscious realization that you are God also.

As God also and co-creators of life, all Beings are created equal and are valuable beyond measure. As such, all Beings are of the same value and therefore, All ‘Beings’ Are of Equal Value. This is the quantum leap in consciousness that the human race has been called upon – called upon by humans themselves and by the rest of Creation – to make and the year 2012, that harbinger of change, that year of endings and new beginnings on many, many levels, was the turning point. It was the turning point for the many who put up their hand for change and enlightenment, for they crossed a line that meant that they can no longer go back to what they were; they can no longer go back to not knowing; they can no longer go back to sleeping and accepting the status quo. The only way now to go is forward into enlightenment and, in doing so, become the standard-bearers of change, of a new reality, of a new civilization.

With this understanding we come to realize and accept that abundance, be that in good health, the necessities of life, happiness, knowledge and experience, is the natural state of being for every Being here on Earth. With this understanding comes the realization that there is no need to use the artificial medium of money to give artificial values to anyone and to define most things in society. The advent of the human race on Earth required the creation and establishment of duality – the dance of polar opposites: yin yang, light dark, rich poor – to act as a catalyst for human growth and evolution. Money, its inseparable Siamese-twin power, and religion are the three most powerful and most effective tools that humans have employed to establish, maintain and sustain this dual state of being.

These tools have performed brilliantly and done exactly what they were meant to do – take human civilization on its current foundations as far as it can go. But now they can take civilization no further and precisely because of that, the perpetuation of particularly money and power in their current form is turning these same tools into a poison for human society and the human race is self-destructing through their continued use. Who says that money should forever play a role in human civilization? I say it does not. The human race does not need money in order to survive, thrive and evolve. It is now time for the human race to let go of money. It is now time to take money out of the equation! It is now time for the human race to allow the divine energy that manifests as money to also make a quantum leap and become transformed into new energy; new energy that comes back to serve humanity in a new and totally different way.

Ergo a New Civilization based on the principle that All ‘Beings’ Are of Equal Value, where money and all its related systems, institutions and values cease to exist. A New Civilization in which the current unrelenting pursuit of profit and all the other money based values that underpin human civilization and motivate human society today are replaced by a new Standard – The Pursuit of Excellence in Service to Self and in Service to All Others.

On this website I hope to write, blog and source all sorts of material on world events and on life in general and relate them to my New Civilization philosophy, as well as my spiritual philosophy and engage those genuinely interested in an exciting adventure!

So I invite you and all pioneers, visionaries and futurists out there to check out the philosophy (see hyperlinks below and forthcoming blogs and pages on this website), engage in the discussion and join the movement. The dream is Initial objectives of the movement are (a) to establish All ‘Beings’ Networks all over the world, whose work will be to disseminate the philosophy and hopefully get the man in the street thinking outside the box and realising that there are other dignified and humane ways to live; (b) use proceeds from the sale of the All ‘Beings’ e-book to support pioneers working on alternatives, in particular cold fusion, as clean free sources of energy, and (c) work on manifesting the New Civilization.

Click on the All ‘Beings’ E-Book tab to read about the concepts for this New Civilization.  Want you own copy? Click on this link to purchase on Lulu.com:   http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/horation

Show your support and vote on my page on the Avaaz community website: http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/Establish_a_new_economic_system_for_the_world/?eHLIWbb

 I hope you are inspired to join in because it is time for the human race to birth a new civilization – and Yes! We can!

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