Spiritual Roots

As a child, I disliked going to church on Sundays, but then I guess a lot of children do, having to keep quiet, sit still, stop fidgeting, stand up, sit down, get on your knees, stand up, sit down… … You had to keep this bobbing up and down up for what appeared to be an age before you could escape the gloomy, musty smelling interior of the church.  My Mother told me that one Sunday, in the silence that descends as worshippers lay their Bibles down on the benches and kneel for prayers, I unwittingly announced to the whole congregation in sheer frustration, “Mummy, WH-Y-Y-Y did you bring us here?!” Apparently, I repeated the question with increasing irritation and a bit of a hum rolled round the church as my Mother tried to shush me up and get me to kneel for prayers.  Not too long after that, going to church became a thing of the past and Sundays for a seven year old and her sisters became wonderful days of standing by the gate to make sure we did not miss the Wall’s Ice-cream van, reading our weekly World of Wonder and other science and general knowledge magazines for kids and splitting our sides over the antics of the characters in our Harold Hare comics!

Things did not improve with the weekly compulsory Bible Knowledge class in high school and it did not take me long to start questioning everything in the Book! Okay, the Ten Commandments … well there was no mincing of words there, but the rest! And then Oh Lord!  The Lord Jesus Christ!  Loaves and fish!  Walk on water!  Water to wine!  Oh yeah!?  Yet he couldn’t pull a couple of stunners out of his bag of tricks to put an end to all the troubles and sufferings experienced under Roman domination and under any other groups and individuals that were oppressing the people!  And when it came to communicating with the Creator, I totally rejected the need to go through an intermediary in the form of a priest.  What made a priest any better or more qualified than I to speak to God – and about my own business too?!  You came to realise that the un-ending hierarchy of church officials were no better than anybody else, with their wickednesses, their intolerance, their hypocrisy and, in the case of missionaries (still in those days) the greed and rank racism that they (and their governments) practised left and right whilst preaching how God created all of us, how we were all equal in the sight of God, how God loved all of us, cared for all of us and how we were to emulate that love.  It was bizarre how in the sight of man, none of God’s ideals held true!  How none of His ideals were instilled in or inherited by His kids!!!!!

In the end I found the Bible, particularly the New Testament and the explanations given so irritating and confusing that I decided to put the whole thing to one side and went in search of some other way of understanding the spiritual side of life – and so discovered New Age philosophies, the wonderful Seth books by Jane Roberts and finally, the Crimson Circle where I knew immediately that I had found my spiritual home here on Earth.  (Aaah! Just in case you are wondering, the Christ problem did not go away!  But that’s the subject of my next piece on my SpirituReality website!)

Along the way, I learned about reincarnation – living many lifetimes in order to create, to experience, to grow and to evolve – and about how it is you who create your own reality through the choices you make; choices which, for the most part, we unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) are often not fully conscious of making as we go about our daily lives here on Earth and which have consequences on many levels. I learned about how everything that happens to you in life has a meaning, a purpose and about how on the higher planes you yourself, in collaboration with others, set up the events – the dramas and the melodramas – that you experience in your life, that enable you to acquire wisdom or settle karmic issues on several levels simultaneously.  As such – and this was and still is the hardest to come to terms with – you are never a victim; you are never a victim whether of circumstance or of anyone.  You are involved in a particular piece of drama because you have chosen to be involved in it, for your own reasons.  Now, whether the reasons always promote your spiritual growth, or some merely serve as an excuse for you to continue playing the game of powerlessness and of being a victim (so beloved by us humans!!), is where the increasing awareness and growth of one’s consciousness comes into play.

I learned about my Higher Self, my higher aspect that embodies that part of Divine Consciousness that is normally too vast for the physical human mind and body to carry whilst on third-dimensional earth; an aspect that each and every human being has and is forever connected to.  And I learned about the Ascension, the advent of New Energy and the special significance of Ascension in this most important and pivotal of all times in the history of the human race and beyond.

So what is Ascension?  It is the journey towards and the attainment of that moment when a human being is able to fully embody their Higher Self because of the depth of awareness and degree of maturity that their consciousness has attained.  Simply put, it is the conscious realization that you are God also; a conscious Co-creator of life, of Creation, with the Divine All That Is.  Normally humans merge with their Higher Self only following their death here on Earth.  However, for the many who are committed to working within and with the New Energy consciousness – and there are of course many who follow different paths and for whom this has no bearing on their lives – 2012 marked a turning point.  It marked the end of an era; indeed, it marked the end of a civilization.  It marked the closing of doors and the pathways leading back to them and through them to the way things used to be and used to be done in the Old Energy.  In the post 2012 era, the ever increasing ability of those of the New Energy consciousness to work and create with the New Energy, has now made it possible for those among them who so desire and who have the courage to give themselves the permission to do so, to experience the moment of fully embodying their Higher Self here on Earth, before leaving the Earth plane.  Most significant of all, however, is that it has enabled an Ascended human to now have a choice – the choice to attain Ascension, remain in the physical body and continue to live on Earth as an ascended, sovereign Being; a sovereign Being whose consciousness now has the power to break through all barriers and through the grandest of adventures to create and manifest states of being as yet unknown to man.

And so, finally, the spiritual side of life began to make sense to me.  Oh, it did not all happen all at once.  In some instances it has taken me years to fully understand messages from my Spiritual Team on the higher dimensions that I have received on my own or through a few first-class channellers; to grasp their significance and the wonderful knowledge contained in them in relation to events that I have experienced in my life and continue to experience in my life.  But then again, it was only in the last couple of months of 2012 and these first couple of months in 2013 that I have come to realize just how appropriate the pace and the timing of my understanding was – and hopefully continues to be – and how, therefore, I did not fail in fulfilling various important missions that I was meant to fulfill in this lifetime.  And so I remain deeply committed to the alternative spiritual path.  Yes, there are some who have somehow narrowed their New Age beliefs and their focus down to a mind numbing and paralyzing preoccupation with being rescued from a destroyed and dying Earth by all-powerful aliens in their flying machines.  However, I am happy to say that for many others, New Age beliefs have moved well beyond the ‘alien-contact’ days and New Age philosophies have evolved and given way to the afore-mentioned exciting New Energy philosophies about life, with excellent tools to stimulate the growth of human consciousness and assist those on their journey to enlightenment, on their path to Ascension and the wondrous realization that they are God also.

And so it is against this background and from this foundation that ideas flow, that I create and that experiences unfold.  I shall endeavour to always tell it like it is, even if it makes me come across as completely crazy, and hope that you will always find something, even if only a little something, that provides you with food for thought; that, more importantly, promotes thinking outside the box and hopefully inspires you…

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